Bliss Bomb – Watermelon Blueberry Bliss Bomb


Watermelon Blueberry Bliss Bomb is a refreshing burst of sweet blueberry and watermelon, with absolutely no earthy aftertaste. Our Kava Kratom shots are the best tasting product on the market, guaranteed. Bliss Bomb Classic’s contain over 300mg of Kava extract and over 30mg of Kratom Extract, ensuring you get a blissful feeling with every sip.

Our Classic Bliss Bomb’s are for the everyday person, who needs that boost to get through the day. Maybe you need to kill some jitters before a golf round, unwind after a long day, or simply want something to sip on other than an alcoholic beverage. We’ve been there. That’s why our team of industry leaders set out to create The Bliss Bomb and start a non-alcoholic revolution across the nation.


Available Flavors: Pineapple and Watermelon Blueberry

Active Ingredients:

  • Kava Extract: >300mg per bottle
  • Kratom Extract >30mg per bottle

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